Crucifiction of Christ Embroidered Applique

$ 145.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

This is our special hand-painted Crucifiction of Christ Embroidered Applique with goldwork and silk embroidery accents. The goldwork embroidery is beautiful in this unique hand embroidered applique. The oval-shaped applique is the perfect size for use on the front or back for a chasuble or on the hood of a cope. The design would also be suitable for use on altar hangings and banners. The image of Christ's Crucifiction is hand painted on canvas with a cloth of gold background. The applique design has a goldwork border designed for hand couching with a scant 1/4" edge.

Size: 8" x 9 1/2 inches

The design should be hand appliqued to the vestment prior to completing construction. It is recommended that a gold twist #3 be used for hand couching the design in place. 

*Please allow 2 to 5 weeks order lead time for this item. Although we try to keep this in stock, it may require additional order time as the items are handmade.

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