Alabastrine 60 inch White Religious Linen Altar Fabric

$ 65.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

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Alabastine is a fine linen with delicate intermittent slubs. It has a fine even weave making it suitable for altar linens, fair linens, vintage style albs, rochets, amices and other religious vestment needs. The fabric has a sheer quality without being flimsy.

When used for albs or rochets Alabastrine would easily withstand having a long lace skirt attached at the lower end without sagging out of shape, yet the fabric is light enough to gather at the neckline without being bulky 

This linen is also suitable for use in making heirloom clothing such as Christening Gowns, and heirloom sewing projects. The weave it suitable for cutwork and delicate hand embroidery and shadow work.

Linen fabric has a high percentage of shrinkage. Please allow extra yardage for shrinkage. Fabric is not returnable for shrinkage or failure to allow extra yardage to accommodate shrinkage factors.

Weight: 4.8 oz                                                                                                        Width: 60 inches                                                                                                      Fiber Content: 100% Linen


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