Radiance Optic White Linen Liturgical Fabric

$ 45.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

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Radiance Optic White Liturgical Linen is made with slightly larger fibers and is more textured than the other linens. While it could be used as church fabric for altar linens, its bright appearance and texture make it better suited for use in making white linen miters, a linen chasuble, or a linen stole, although lining will be required for each. The texture of this ecclesiastical fabric is smooth and even which makes is useful for hand embroidery with a backing fabric.

Linen fabric has a high percentage of shrinkage. Please allow extra yardage for shrinkage. Fabric is not returnable for shrinkage or failure to allow extra yardage to accommodate shrinkage factors.

Weight: 7 oz
Width 60" (152.4 cm)
Fiber Content: 100% Linen                                                                                             Thread Count: 95/sq.in

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