Chalice Veil Pattern

$ 16.99
  • Chalice Veil Pattern Vestment Pattern
  • Chalice Veil Pattern Vestment Pattern
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Chalice Veil Pattern

$ 16.99

The chalice veil is designed to cover the chalice during the service of Holy Communion or the Eucharist. The chalice veil pattern features a center orphrey band that is edged with a galloon or narrow braid. The chalice veil pattern is designed to be lined. 

There is an unlimited number of design and style options available when making a chalice veil. The veil can have a single embroidery, or embroidery at the corners, or have an allover embroidery. The chalice veil is a nice project for both beginner and expert sewer.

Size: 24 inches square 

Fabric requirements: 

3/4 yard of Face fabric                                                                        

3/4 yard for Orphrey band                                                                                        3 yards narrow braid or galloon (optional)

Also available as a 30 inch square pattern which requires:

1 yard of Fabric

1 yard of fabric for orphrey band

1/1/2 yards braid or narrow galloon trim (optional).                                                                                      

The pattern for making a chalice veil comes with basic instructions. More detailed instructions with design options will be available at a future date in booklet form as a separate purchase. Enjoy learning how to make church vestments!