Aragon Cope and Stole Set

$ 695.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Cope with Red Aragon Brocade Front orphrey and hood.

  • Hood to have Two-tone fringe in Red/gold and Red dice trim (multi dice trim is alternate option if it looks better for use in some places such as the outline on the cope hood).
  • Cope body to be Fairford Ivory Brocade
  • Cope is to be lined with Silk Dupioni in a gold color. (Looking at Rich or Wheat).
  • Cope is to have Tapestry Morse closure with hook closure
  • Cope hood would have an additional row of Dice trim to create the design detail per the Watts photo.
  • Cope has straight front edge for orphrey band that is approximately 4 to 6 inches wide with a hood on the back. The Hood is to have the additional detail as per the Watts Photo.

4 1/2 inch Stole to match cope. To be made from Ivory Fairford Brocade in Ivory

  • Red Aragon Orphrey bands with Red Dice trim.
  • Stole to have matching Aragon Orphrey bands over chest and near the bottom hem.
  • Stole has matching two-tone fringe in red/gold at the lower edge
  • Stole is to be lined with silk dupioni to match the cope.

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