Church Needlework by Hinda Hands

$ 20.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Whether you enjoy the history of the craft or if you want to learn some new techniques and practical instruction, this book is a treasure for doing hand embroidery, especially hand embroidery for the Church.

Many of us wish to offer our labors of love to the Church. This book’s ideals align perfectly with that goal. Many of us have talents that can be honed and sharpened in the service of the Church. Miss Hand’s little book is an indispensable resource for ladies and gentleman who know how to use needle and thread to create those pieces of art that stand the test of time and adorn the Church.

Hand embroidery is a specific niche and this is one of those rare books in that field. Finally, as Miss Hands comments, it is one thing to know how to do embroidery. But studying the spirit of the craft, understanding how our ancestors did embroidery and why it has been done in the Church for ages, these help our knowledge that we already have to create true beauty.

This book is a reproduction of an informative historical work. Ecclesiastical Sewing has digitally remastered this text, preserving the original ideas for future generations. Since this is the reconstructed original, the original blemishes may be present in our reproduction. These have been left with the intention to preserve the integrity of this historical work.

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