Silk Dupioni Fabric 45" Width

$ 28.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Dupioni Silk Fabric - Top Quality with Wholesale Pricing

Silk Dupioni is a rich lustrous fabric suitable for making church vestments, altar hangings, and banners. It is also a wonderful fabric to use when doing hand embroidery projects such and silk shading embroidery and goldwork embroidery projects. Silk Dupioni is available in a wide range of colors that fit within the seasons of the church year. This is a perfect fabric to use for church vestments. Silk dupioni works well on its own, but is lovely when combined with Liturgical church vestment fabrics.

Dupioni Silk Fabric - Color Features

Many of the colors have a slight iridescent quality due to the combination of thread colors used in the warp and weft during the weaving process. The most notable and striking fabric with this design feature is the Deep Gold which combines gold and red thread for a rich warm burnished color of gold.

Dupioni Silk Fabric - Product Features

Available colors: White, Ivory, Red, Bright Pentecost Red, Martyr Red, Green, Olive Green, Deep Green, Blue, Roman Purple, Deep Purple, Violet, Black, Gold, Deep Gold, Golden Wheat

Fabric width: 45"
Fiber Content: 100% Silk

While we try to maintain current stock in the listed widths, on occasion fabric width may vary based on manufacturer availability. Please email us to check current width availability.

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