Pre-Cut Linen Three Piece Set Corporal, Lavabo, Purificator

$ 25.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

This Pre-cut three Piece Linen Kit includes one Corporal 20" square, One Lavabo 13" x 20.5", and One Purificator 13.5" square of Renaissance Linen, preshrunk and ready for embroidery and hemming. This linens works well for those who desire hemstitching linens. For those who need to make only one pall, or do not have the time to preshrink and cut small linens, purchasing a single pre-cut is a nice alternative. This pre-cut Pall Linen may have to be cut down slightly for smaller sizes.

See Renaissance Linen description for more information.

Weight: 4.5 oz.
Color: White
Size: 13.5" square (30.5 cm), 13" x 20.5" (33 x 52 cm), 20" square (51 cm)
Fiber content: 100% Linen

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