V-Neck Stole Pattern

$ 25.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

The V-Neck Pastoral or Priest Stole Pattern is a longer stole with a 56" finished length. The narrower width at the back neckline fits while the stole then tapers to a wider width at the lower end. The length can easily be changed to allow for a hem that is plain with no trim, or a hem trimmed with fringe, or tassels.*

The V-Neck Stole Pattern also has a lengthen and shorten line to allow for further customization. The stole pattern has notches on all of the pieces to add with matching long straight seamlines. There is a marking on the stole lining for the placement of a cord or chain which helps lift the stole back a slight amount from the wearer's neck. Other features of the tapered pastoral or priest stole pattern include a separate lining and interfacing piece cut to specific sizes, based on formal tailoring techniques and pattern making for custom high end tailored garments. This feature gives the finished stole a distinct finish, which looks professional and well made, imitating a finely tailored garment.

The instructions and construction style make this stole a nice project for beginner and professional alike.

Suggested fabrics: Silk dupioni, brocades, silk damasks, metallic brocades, tapestry fabrics, wool gaberdines. Not suitable or designs for stretch fabrics or fabrics containing Lycra.

Suggested Interfacing fabrics: 100% cotton canvas
Suggested Lining fabrics: cotton, broadcloth, satin, cotton sateen

Stole Face Fabric yardage: 1 3/4 yards of 45", 54" or 60" fabric. Additional fabric may be needed to match pattern repeats. 

Interfacing yardage: 1 3/4 yards 60" cotton canvas
Lining fabric yardage: 1 3/4 yard 45" or 60" fabric

Finished stole size: 4 1/2"  to 5 1/2"wide by 56 inches in length
Pattern: Paper with black line image                                                                                                           

* Pastoral/priest stole pattern contains a paper pattern and written institutions only. Fabrics, interfacing, lining, embellishments (trims), fringe, tassels, and chain or cord sold separately.

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