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Before the day is over, it’s time to share a quick update in Ecclesiastical Sewing on the newest Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design project for the Easter Pulpit Fall  This is the design I shared a few days ago.  After a few detours, tonight I am happy to announce the linen is in the frame.  With any luck, by tomorrow, the pouncing and tracing will be finished.

I have not had a chance to use the Millennium Frames from Needle Needs yet. There must always be a first time for everything.  Not knowing what exactly to do with the frames, I popped on over the Needle Needs site and watched a short video on framing up projects.  Thank goodness!  The framing would have eventually worked its way out, but the video really helps.

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This framing up for the first time was a little tricky. The reason being that not only is the linen in the frame, but there is also a layer of Kona Cotton behind the Alabaster Linen from Hedgehog Handworks. This layer of Kona Cotton is used as a backing and support.   There is a little trick to getting two layers in the frame at once, and in keeping the layers together.  Mot of the time, the frame was flipped over to the back side.  This might not be the correct or intended way to frame projects with the Millennium Frame, but it worked for this project.  Working on the back side ensured that the lining layer of fabric stayed together properly with the linen.  The first several attempts resulted in the lining fabric having big gaps and sagging on the back side.  The next time I frame something up with this frame, perhaps the two layer should be basted together first.  It is one of those things that were thought of as the struggles commenced with battling two layers of fabrics, but I was in a hurry and did not stop to take the time needed for the basting.  Lesson learned.  Next time stop, grab the thread, and baste layers together.  Besides, it does have to be done at some point. Since I did not baste at the beginning, it will need to be done later on.

Well, the night is coming to an end.  More updates tomorrow. And more photos, too.

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