Copyright & Commercial Licensing Information

Thank you for purchasing this digital embroidery design! By purchasing this, you agree to the terms and conditions as listed below. 

Design Copyright

With the purchase an embroidery design in paper, electronic or digital format from Ecclesiastical Sewing, you acquire a Limited Commercial Use License to utilize the design on 25 units for your personal use within your church,  for profit or charity. Under no circumstances is the original or altered design file to be sold, traded or shared in any form. Buying, selling, trading, sharing or transferring copies of design files from Ecclesiastical Sewing is a violation of copyright law.

Ecclesiastical Sewing, LLC and retains the copyright to the original design files. This policy applies to all designs in any format including but not limited to paper, digital download, electronic, photographs, or other files and designs.

Limited Commercial Use License

Limited Commercial Use means when you purchase, download, or otherwise utilize a design you may resell up to 25 items embroidered with Ecclesiastical Sewing's designs from one location only. These designs may not be sold by you to wholesale companies, department stores, chain stores or web-based catalogs.

Commercial Use License

Production of more than 25 units of a single design, (either stitched out, or used in some additional format such as printing, etc), or product SKU is defined as Commercial Embroidery and is strictly prohibited without the purchase of a Commercial Use License. The purchase of a Commercial Use License gives you the right to embroider or designs from Ecclesiastical Sewing on items for profit and sell them from one location only. Under no circumstances may designs in any format, embroidered, printed, or otherwise, be sold to wholesale companies, department stores, chain stores or web-based catalogs.

Commercial Use License Pricing

To obtain an Ecclesiastical Sewing's Commercial Use License:

For an annual fee of $75.00 per design, size, or product SKU you may embroider or use your purchased designs and sell the embroidered products from one location, which might be a web site, brick and mortar store or craft shows.

Please contact us Here to request a link for purchasing a commercial use license.