Stole | The St. Irenaeus of Lyons Collection Advent
Saint Alban Violet Stole | Advent Pastor Priest Stole
Priest Stole Advent Fidelis | Pastor Priest Stole Advent Stole Blue Stole Ecclesiastical Sewing

Stole | Fidelis Blue Advent Priest Stole

From $ 289.00 to $ 319.00
Rex Gentium Advent Priest Stole Blue | Advent Pastor Priest Stoles Ecclesiastical Sewing
Advent Stole for Clergy Staff - Blue
Advent Stole for Clergy | Blue Advent Clergy Stole

Advent Stole | Priests, Pastors, Deacons

From $ 299.00 to $ 329.00
City of David Pastor Stole | Advent Blue Priest Stole Ecclesiastical Sewing
Advent Priest Stole Blue | Blue Advent Priest Stole Ecclesiastical Sewing

Advent Stole | O'Antiphon Collection

From $ 469.00 to $ 499.00