Dainty Liturgical Fabrics? How Will They Look!

Religious Brocade Fabrics

Liturgical Fabrics are fabrics specially woven for use in making church vestments. Some of you may be familiar with Liturgical Fabrics and for others, this may be new territory. Liturgical fabrics are available in a wide assortment of patterns and colors. Most often these fabrics feature patterns and designs that are of medium to large size. The fabrics can be a range of tapestry fabrics such as the stunning Aragon Tapestry with its large Jardinière design,

Aragon Red Lurex Liturgical Tapestry Fabric


or Brocatelles such as Wakefield,

or Evesham.

These are all lovely fabrics that can be used to make an entire vestment, or they can be cut and used for accents on other vestments. The size and scale of each of these fabrics allow for limitless options to fuel one’s imagination. And of course, each of these fabrics has shimmering threads woven into the intricate designs which adds so much to the beauty of the final vestments.

Aaragon and Wakefield are fabrics that are on the upper end of the scale when it comes to the size of their pattern repeats. And we usually have a general idea as to how they may look when incorporated into a vestment. But what about fabrics whose pattern repeat is at the other end of the spectrum? Can those fabrics, with almost “micro” pattern repeats, by comparison, look nice when made into vestments?

Well – let’s take a closer look and see!

This is a close up of the tiny York Religious or Liturgical Brocade. Close up means precisely that! The photos were taken at close range with a macro lens. From this vantage, the pattern looks like it has some size, although not too much. York has a delicate scroll pattern that repeats and alternates along a vine or line. The size of the pattern repeat is 1 inch. Yes – that is correct – a 1-inch pattern repeat! When one looks at the fabric from a distance of more than a few feet, the pattern is lost to sight.  Yet, let not that be a deterrent for using York in a special Church Vestment Fabric.

York is available in tow colors: Ivory and Ivory/Gold. So, let’s start the wheels of the imagination turning to see what can be done with a Liturgical fabric with a “tiny” pattern repeat.

Any ideas? Have your say! We’d love to hear your thoughts about using this Religious Brocade Fabric.

Soli Deo Gloria


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