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Nativity by John D. Sedding

On this most Holy of Nights when we celebrate our Dear Savior’s birth, I wish to thank everyone for your support and for following along in Ecclesiastical Sewing.

To thank you for your support, I wish to share a special treasure. I have been searching for a lovely Nativity scene that would work for Ecclesiastical Embroidery, and quite by accident, acquired this rare piece. For tonight, this illustration is to be gazed at with that same sense of wonder  and awe that the shepherds had when they beheld the New Born King.  This drawing is a work of art, not because of the master who designed it, but because it reminds us of the most precious gift we have ever been given.

Nativity Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design byJohn D. Sedding 1874
John D. Sedding, Architect Nativity Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design from 1874

May the joy of that precious gift, of a babe lying in a manger, fill your hearts and minds with peace and joy.

Christ Child in a Manger Ecclesiastical Embroidery by John D Sedding 1874
Christ Child in a Manger Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design by John D. Sedding, Architect 1874

I hope you enjoy the photos of this Nativity Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design created in 1874 by the architect of the Gothic Revival period John D. Sedding.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Solo Dei Gloria

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