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Reversible Wakefield Ecclesiastical Fabric

Sometimes details are of little matter, and other times, details make all of the difference in taking something from ordinary to extraordinary.  And so it is with the Ecclesiastical Fabric that bears the name Wakefield. Wakefield is a stunning Metallic Ecclesiastical Fabric  – a brocatelle. This liturgical fabric features an elaborate textured weave that adds depth and dimension to the design details.

Wakefield Weaving Details

The textured look in the gold threads is created by tiny spaces between rows of weaving.  The weaving is reminiscent of the way goldwork embroidery is often stitched on architectural details in ancient pieces of embroidery.

Trail Braid
Trail Braid

The Trail Braid trim shows an example of the voided space between the gold threads which allows the background color to show through. The same concept which uses voided space is part of the weaving within the gold areas of the fabric. The voided space which allows the background color to show through is very subtle, and only visible up close. From a distance, it adds a level of texture to the gold design details.

The other notable design feature is the use of raised threads which mimics satin stitching in hand embroidery.  The “satin” stitched areas also have sections that are “voided” in such a way as they create stitch direction and sheen. Some of the satin stitched areas are outlined with gold thread.* One may ask is all of this extra work is worth while. Why would the fabric designer go to such lengthens by creating such a complete weave?  The simple answer is “So the fabric is visible from a distance. By using  weave, light plays of the fabric and orphrey in different ways. Outlining adds definition to lines. Texture and stitch variations cast shadows. The combination, when done well allows a fabric to be visible from a distance.

Wakefield - a Fabric Surprise

There is one other little special thing about Wakefield. Can you guess what that might be?

Reversible Church Vestment Fabric

Wakefield is reversible for those times when a great deal of shine and light reflection are needed.  Wakefield is available in a variety of colors, cuts up well into various widths to create orphrey bands, and of course, is one of my favorite Liturgical Fabrics.

Now that you have had a close look at this lovely fabric, what features do you like about it?  Have your say!

Wakefield will be available soon here on Ecclesiastical Sewing. Stay tuned for updates on when!

Solo Dei Gloria

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