Sanctified Collection of Church Vestments

Pulpit fall, Deacon Stole, Pastor stole, Tree of Life, Cross embroidery, Machine embroidery


The entire Ecclesiastical Sewing team is pleased to present our latest collection of machine embroidery designs for church vestments. The designs were created by Edward Riojas, a talented liturgical artist. Our talented group of seamstresses  – Stacy, Ellie, and Karla – worked on the new pieces for several months. Travis is the master at running the embroidery machine.  We have been working hard on the collection for weeks and are a bit exhausted. So, we will have more information about the collection at a later date – for now, we hope you will enjoy the photos.


A special thank you goes to every member of our team, and to some very special people who are now or soon will be enjoying there sets from the new Sanctified Collection of Church Vestments.



Most important of all,

Soli Deo Gloria.


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