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This is the plural imperative form of the second conjugation of the Latin verb “Gaudeo, Gaudere, Gavisus” to rejoice. If you take the second principle part—the infinitive—and chop off the “-re,” what is left is actually the singular imperative. To make it plural, add the “-te.” The imperative is verb that is giving a command or an order; but it does not have a negative connotation attached to it.

So why the short grammar/Latin lesson? First, I’m a nerd/dork and love this stuff. Second, it is summer and if I do not actively practice my Latin, I shall be in poor shape come fall semester in September. And third—this actually has to do with Ecclesiastical Sewing— “Gaudete” is a fond term that we attach to a specific Sunday in—you guessed it!—Advent.

Gaudete Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent; it is that “other” rose Sunday. Although there is a difference in feeling between Advent and Lent, Advent has actually been called the Lent of Christmas. Advent is a preparatory, penitential, and contemplative season. But just as in Lent, we are given a reprieve from the solemnity. For this special Sunday, we are treated to a lighter fare as far as the readings, psalms, and canticles/introits/hymns. Our eyes are also given the joy of viewing Rose colored vestments instead of the dark blue, purple/violet, or even black vestments.


Now these ought to be true Rose colored vestments, not a bubblegum or Pepto-bismol color. We have two true rose colored brocades: Florence Brocade and Winchester Brocade. The St. Nicholas Damask has a deeper rose, which could work if desired. And for trim, we have a Pugin Orphrey in rose. We also have one stole style in rose.


And August 5th, we are going to have a rose stole and a rose chalice veil special. These are one of a kind items. We embroidered a silver patonce cross and then tried gold lining to see how it looked.

Part of product development is testing fabrics, colors, and embroideries. We will be selling this stole and chalice veil as a product with a different lining. However, this sample with the gold lining will not be replicated.

So,  set your clocks, because 8 A.M. Central Time, August 5th, this stole and this chalice veil will go live as one of a kind and will be discounted for quick sale. There are no codes; the price will just be lower. First come, first serve and the early bird gets the worm! #violetORblue

Thank you for following and reading along!

~Nihil Sine Deo~

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