The Long Anticipated Wait…

…we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

At 8 a.m. central time, we put one stole and one chalice veil live on the website. These two, one-of a kind items, are our kick off to our newest product line. Have you been watching for “#violetORblue”?

We are pleased to share with you all our new Advent vestments and paraments.

We have developed many items that are Advent specific: violet vestments, violet paraments, blue vestments, and blue paraments. The violet brocade on brocade items, however, can be used for Lent as well. There are even new embroideries that we are very excited about—have you noticed that they correspond to the Great O Antiphon picture quotes?

For this Advent season we have a brocade on brocade product line and a product line featuring our new embroideries. The brocades we chose are Fairford and Fairford Two Toned. These have an uncomplicated design paring. The simplicity of design matching is needed when you see the color! The colors, these are eye catching and mouth dropping.

20170608_145317What do you think?

Our embroideries for this Advent season are the Great O Antiphons of Advent. Edward Riojas did it yet again. We have unique designs for our vestments that come straight from Christian Tradition and a Scriptural basis.

Throughout the month of August we will be releasing our Advent products. Our current schedule predicts that the first products will be available for purchase sometime next weekend—August 11th-13th.

Watch on Facebook for the latest news! We wanted to make sure that we were offering our customers enough time to update their Advent vestments and paraments. December 3rd will be here closer than you think!

~Nihil Sine Deo~

P.S. If you missed out on the one of a kind rose stole and rose chalice veil, we will have that as part of our permanent product line—with a different color lining. Did you know that by following along on Facebook and subscribing to our email, you can receive special offers and discounts! Thank you for following along.

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