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Time is Ticking Away

Sometimes a hand embroidery project is started, knowing it will be impossible to make its deadline.  But for some unknown reason, that does not become a deterrent. So it is with the Advent Vestment Set currently spread all over my sewing room.  There are bits of blue Silk Dupioni and broadcloth, and frames of blue and white on both work tables.  Life always provides interruptions with any major Ecclesiastical Embroidery project, and this one is no exception.

Angel Wing Outline with couched Silver Check Thread
Angel Wing Outline with couched Silver Check Thread

Meant to be a “quick” project of couching and outlining, this is going to take a bit more time than originally planned for. Couching is “quick” compared to some stitching, but many things cause that to vary.  For instance, what thread is being couched?  Is it a thread that, when put in a position, stays in that position?  Is it a thread that wriggles and squirms, and refuses to stay put while you desperately try to stitch it in place?  Is it a thread that hides the couching stitches, making it a challenge to tell where to place the next stitch?  Is it a new thread to you that you have never tried before, and you are unfamiliar with it’s little quirks?  (Every thread has its own  “personality” – those lovely traits that make it stitch so wonderfully, or those dreaded traits that make one question, “Why am I using ‘this’ thread again?”)

Silver Check Thread
Silver Check Thread

So it goes with this project.  Let’s look at some of the threads being used. The Silver Check Thread with Non-tarnish finish in size 7 is a delight to work with.  The facets on the check thread add a lovely sparkle and shine.

Check Thread Follows curves beautifully
Check Thread Follows curves beautifully

It is a delicate thread, and works easily around corners, taking sharp and soft curves equally well.  It has enough body to span long, straight edges and holds a straight edge without waves. The tiny ripples in the check help hide the couching stitches, so it almost looks as if it were invisibly sewn in place. And did I mention that the tails of this thread plunge easily?

Check Thread Outline complete on Angel Wings
Check Thread Outline complete on Angel Wings

One other consideration that weighed in the selection of this thread is the time of services during Advent. Our church has the normal Sunday morning service, but during Advent, we also have mid-week evening services.  With the softer light of an evening service, I wanted to use a variety of threads that will catch and reflect the lighting.  The Check Thread seems to be a perfect first choice. Now the challenge is to come up with enough variety of silver threads for other portions of the design. And there I am stuck waiting for an order of more thread supplies that will not be here until next week………………

I have made my peace with that fact that even with planning and placing an order early, there were other threads needed for this project, so rushing to finish is pointless. I will take the time needed to complete the project, and have it turn out well.

If Advent Altar Frontal and Pulpit Fall Set is not ready for this year, then I have a jump on next year!

Solo Dei Gloria

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