Roman Surplice or Square Yoke Surplice Sewing Pattern | Style 4001, 4002 & 4003 Plain Hem Knee or Full Length

$ 28.00
  • Pattern for Roman Catholic Surplice | Roman or Square Yoke
  • Pattern for Roman Catholic Surplice | Roman or Square Yoke
  • Style 4001-4003 Knee Length Front Back Veiw
  • Style 4001-4003F Full Length Front Back Veiw
  • Youth Smal lMedium Knee Length Yardage Chart
  • Adult Small Medium Large Knee Length Measurement
  • Adult XL XXL XXXL Knee Length Measurements
  • Youth Small Medium Full Length Measurement
  • AdultSmall Medium Large Full Length Measurements
  • Adult XL XXL XXXL Full Length Measurements
  • Fabric Yardage Knee Length Styles
  • Fabric Yardage Full Length Styles

Roman Surplice or Square Yoke Surplice Sewing Pattern | Style 4001, 4002 & 4003 Plain Hem Knee or Full Length

$ 28.00

Roman Square Yoke Surplice with Plain Hem

4001K to 4003K Knee Length Style

4001F to 4003F Full Length Style

The Square yoke surplice Sewing Pattern features a 2-piece square yoke. The attached skirt has four pleats on the front and back. The sleeves are long and full.  It is suitable to work a cross on the flat center front of the skirt slightly above the hemline.*

Available Sizes:

  • Youth Small/Medium 4001K Knee Length
  • Youth Small/Medium 4001F Full Length
  • Adult Small/Medium/Large 4002K Knee Length
  • Adult Small/Medium/Large 4002F Full Length
  • Adult X-Large/XXL/XXXL 4003K Knee Length
  • Adult X-Large/XXL/XXXL 4003F Full Length
  • See size chart below
  • See fabric yardage information below
 Size Youth S Youth M   S   M    L  XL  XXL XXXL
Chest      28"    32"  35"  40"  45"  50"  55"   60"
Waist    24.5"   26.5"  29"  34"  39"  44"  49"  54"
Hip     30"   34" 36"  41"  46"  41"  55"  59"
Height     54"   61" 70"

Knee Length

Full Length

Adjustments for sleeve length or hem length can be made by adding to or shortening the hemline.

Yardage requirements Main Surplice Pattern Fabric:

  • See images for yardage.

Suitable fabrics: Please see our Carlisle Fabric or white Portsmouth Poplin fabric.

Other suitable fabrics: linen or other plain weave fabrics. Underlining: 2/3 yard of lightweight cotton broadcloth

The underlining can be a lightweight cotton broadcloth or other similar fabric. Use of fusible interfacing in place of underlining is not recommended, as the interfacing may stiffen fabric.

Pattern FAQ's

What is the sewing level for this project?

This is a project for advanced intermediate to professional-level seamstresses. This project is NOT for beginners. 

What is the pattern printed on?

The pattern is printed on white paper.  For those who wish to use something a bit less stiff, you may prefer to trace the pattern onto a lighter-weight Pellon pattern interfacing paper.

Why is the pattern printed on white paper?

There are limited paper options available for small pattern companies to keep production minimums low and costs affordable for clients. The patterns are printed locally in small quantities as needed. The available paper that is large enough for use with our full-size patterns for use while still allowing for small print runs is white blueprint paper.

Can the wrinkles be pressed out of the pattern by ironing?

It is NOT recommended to use anything hot to press the pattern paper. The patterns are printed with toner ink and they will smudge and leave black marks on other surfaces if the pattern is ironed. Simple smooth the pattern out by hand prior to cutting. If you prefer, the pattern may also be traced off on Pellon Pattern interfacing to preserve the original.

Is the pattern available as a digital download file?

The patterns are NOT available as a digital download file. They are a physical product that requires shipping.

Are the patterns sold to clients the same patterns used by Ecclesiastical Sewing?

Yes. We use the very same patterns that are available online in our workrooms for creating beautiful vestments.

May I make a copy of the pattern in my plotter or save a digital copy of this pattern?

The pattern is copy righted and is offered as a courtesy for use in the church to the Glory of God. The pattern may NOT be copied or saved in any digital format, resold, modified, and sold as an original work, etc.

For private use only. Not intended for commercial use.