Lutheran Stole Style #1 | Luther Rose Brocade | Ecclesiastical Collection
Luther Rose Brocade stole in style #2 Lutheran Reformation Vestments

Stole Style #2 | Deacon Stole in Luther Rose Brocade

A partir de $ 320.00 to $ 350.00
Reformation Stole Lutheran Clergy Stole Luther Rose Brocade (Style 3)
Stole Style #4 in the Luther Rose Brocade Vestment Collection
Luther Rose Stole Style #6 Clergy Church Vestment

Stole Style #6 | Luther Rose | Clergy Stole

A partir de $ 380.00 to $ 412.00
Monastic Chasuble Luther Rose Brocade Ecclesiastical Collection - Ecclesiastical Sewing
Chalice Veil with Iron Cross
Reformation Pulpit and Lectern Falls in Luther Rose Brocade - Ecclesiastical Sewing
Reformation Luther Rose Altar Hangings | Luther Rose Altar Hangings Ecclesiastical Sewing

Antependium Catechesis Tree in Luther Rose Brocade

A partir de $ 1,839.00 to $ 2,380.00
Reformation Altar frontal in Luther Rose Brocade Catachesis Collection Church Vestments altar hanging altar frontal Lutheran vestments liturgical brocade Red altar hanging Ecclesiastical Sewing

Reformation Altar Frontal | Attached Superfrontal

A partir de $ 377.00 to $ 4,326.00