Reformation Stole Lutheran Clergy Stole Luther Rose Brocade (Style 3)
Lutheran Stole Style #1 | Luther Rose Brocade | Ecclesiastical Collection
Luther Rose Brocade Stole Style #5 | Liturgical Stole
Stole Style #4 in the Luther Rose Brocade Vestment Collection
Lent Passion Stole | for Pastors, Priests and Deacons
Luther Rose Stole Style #6 Clergy Church Vestment

Stole Style #6 | Luther Rose | Clergy Stole

A partir de $ 380.00 to $ 412.00
Advent Blue or Violet Pastor Stole | O' Antiphon Collection
Clergy Stole in the St. Gregory Style #2 |  Priest Liturgical Stoles Green
Ely Crown Clergy Stole | Pastoral or Priest Stoles | Ecclesiastical Sewing

Clergy Stole | Ely Crown | Pastoral or Priest Stoles

A partir de $ 259.00 to $ 290.00
Canterbury Cross Clergy Stole | White Pastor & Priest Stole
White Clergy Stoles | Christmas Rose Easter Collection Style #3
Clergy Stole for Trinity and Ordinary Times | Priest and Pastor Stoles
Coventry Priest Stole or Pastor Stole | Clergy & Liturgical Vestments
Lent Stole Gloria Advent | Palm Branch and Cross for Pastors Priest
Stole | in the Maximus the Confessor Church Vestment Collection - Ecclesiastical Sewing
Saint Alban Black Clergy Stoles for Priest, Pastors, Deacons