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At  Ecclesiastical Sewing, we have been working to create many new machine embroidery design and will try to get those introduced as quickly as possible. The embroidery designs will include symbols, logos, whitework designs, and seasonal designs. One of the new logo designs is shown above.

The Concordia Theological Seminary Logo is now available as a machine embroidery file to download. The file is suitable for use on jackets, bags, banners, and tippets!  The size is 4″. Due to the detailed nature of the design, it does not translate as well to sizes smaller than 4 inches. If a larger size is needed, please email us and we can check to see if the designs can be adjusted.

Happy stitching!

Soli Deo Gloria

N.B. Please visit our online store Ecclesiastical Sewing to learn more about our fabrics, trims, patterns, and ready-made vestments for church wear.


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