Meet Martin the Steadfast

There is a new man in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom of late. He is on duty, 24/7, never leaving his post. He never complains, or tires of his duty.  He responds to my beck and call.  He stands guard over my vintage liturgical sewing library, keeping harm and danger at bay. He has been hanging around for several months now, not doing much of anything…..sometimes he is in the way, and gets shoved or pushed, but he takes it in stride.  He is tall and well built. But sometimes, he gets a bit down.


There he is!  If you look to the left, you can just see him peeking out. Well, he is a bit shy, so it will take a bit of coaxing to get him out of the corner. Did I mention, even though he is fit and trim, he weighs a ton?

That’s a bit better. Ops! He had better get something to wear if he is meeting company.  The only thing lying around is this fit muslin of a rochet pattern that is being worked on.  Hmm………..this one is not quite right. This rochet test muslin is a little big for Martin.

Perhaps something can be done to get Martin something that fits him better, suits his style.

Let’s try  straightening the line on the shoulder yoke of the Rochet pattern. Yes, that is it!  Much better.

But those sleeves and side seams seem a bit large, even for Martin.  Notice how he just stands there, strong and silent. He never rambles on, a man of few words.  Sometimes that is nice. If he rambles on incessantly, it might be tempting to stick him with a pin or two. Sometimes, that happens quite by accident, too.

For now, it is back to the drawing board to make corrections to Martin’s rochet pattern.  Martin is so helpful! I’m glad he came out for a visit, and you got to see him in action. It is so much nicer to see what needs to be done when creating new church vestment patterns with Martin hanging around the Ecclesiastical Sewing  workroom.  Over the next few weeks and months, Martin will be getting quite a workout with many new church vestment patterns that will be in the works from the Vintage Liturgical Vestment Library.

Until next time, have a happy holiday weekend.

Solo Dei Gloria

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