Monastic Chasuble Pattern

If you are like me, I love patterns. I love to spend hours searching through a pattern book at the local fabric store, or even looking at patterns online. I also like to create my own patterns with the help of my professional pattern maker, Kimberly for use in making our vestments.

Using a professional pattern maker to help create a pattern is truly a blessing. The original concept is created. Then, the pattern can be placed into a computer program where seams can be trued up so they match perfectly when cutting and sewing. Other benefits of using a pattern maker include working with size ranges and fit. Some items have not fit while others benefit from fit/size adjustments.

An example of this is our new Monastic Chasuble pattern.

Monastic Chasuble pattern for Church Vestments


I am so excited about this pattern! It is beautiful when sewn. The pattern is a graceful Monastic style chasuble that is wide and full and long. The pattern is created in several sizes and has things like lengthen and shorten lines for further customization. The pattern has notches for matching seams when sewing. There is a separate pattern piece for the front and back orphrey band as well as a neckline facing piece.

When making this chasuble, I prefer to create lined vestment. That preference must include a caveat: lined when using brocade and silk fabrics. For those living in warm weather climates, using a wool fabric that is unlined is much more appealing.

I know, now you are interested in the Monastic Chasuble Pattern, after all, who does not see a Monastic Chasuble pattern available for purchase every day of the week. But you may also be thinking, what does it really look like when sewn?

The Monastic Chasuble pattern is lovely! It is a favorite already. The pattern is now live on our Ecclesiastical sewing website. It comes with basic instructions at the moment. We plan to create a more comprehensive set of instructions when time permits. Thanks again to Kimberly for help with creating this lovely Monastic Chasuble Pattern. It is a joy to work with.

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