New Frames Mean New Projects

New frames finally arrived on Monday, and so that means it is time to start a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery project!  I ordered the Millenium Frame in several sizes from Needle Needs in early April.  It took quite a while for them to arrive. So now it is time to give them a try!  I have the perfect Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design just waiting to try out on the new frames.


The project is part of the Easter Vestment Set that I first told you about in The Tale of Two Lambs.  This particular design is for the pulpit fall.  The design is a treasure from an old book that I was able to locate through an inter-library loan.  The book, which dates to about 1902, is written completely in German.  A few changes were made to simplify the design, and more may be needed.  Time will tell once the stitching begins.



There are a few details to work out such as linen selection and the final colors of floss.  The linens being considered are Alba Maxima, Alabaster Angel, and  Ecclesiastical Linen. All three are from Hedgehog Handworks.  Alba Maxima is at the top of the list because that is the linen being used on both of the Angus Dei pieces from The Tale of Two Lambs as part of this same set.


It is also time to pull out a few threads and start thinking about color selections.  Because this is a piece to be used on one of the highest festival days in the Church year, silk floss and goldwork embroidery threads are the preferred choice at the moment.  As far as the colors go, I want the piece to be bright, vivid and radiant.  The blue is not photographing well at the moment.  Before I go too far with color selection, I most likely will stitch up a sampler and take it to church to see how the colors may work there.

Tomorrow’s project – pre-shrinking linen and perhaps framing up!  Thanks for reading.

Solo Dei Gloria

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