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Getting a new online business up and rolling has its fair share of challenges. There are samples to collect, fabrics and trims to source, patterns to draft, sample garments to create. Throw in a few life moments like a college graduation, wedding, and a remodel, along with numerous photography sessions needed to capture images of stunning Ecclesiastical Fabrics and trims…..and yes, it does take time to pull it all together.  The original plan was to launch the new online store front on in early November, but taking photographs of what has become several hundred fabrics and trims is a major undertaking. Many of the fabrics are difficult to photograph due to fiber content (metallic fibers), color arrangement, and pattern repeat. Then there are also lighting conditions to consider. Certain fabrics refuse to reveal their beauty to the camera. The eye sees the beauty, but the beauty remains hidden from the camera.

Once the photos are taken, the editorial process begins. The Ecclesiastical Fabric images need to be converted from RAW to jpeg before any additional changes take place for cropping and color correction. So, why go to all of this work?  The answer is simple. The photographs are to be an aid those interested in creating ecclesiastical vestments by providing sharp images which show the beauty of the fabrics and pattern repeats.

We will continue the process of editing church vestment fabrics, and drafting liturgical vestment patterns, and launch as soon as we have the fabric photos complete. The rest of the website will continue to be a work in progress. So please keep checking back for more updates.

Solo Dei Gloria

Be sure to visit our online store front Ecclesiastical Sewing where you may shop for Liturgical Fabrics, altar linen fabrics, church vestment making patterns, liturgical machine embroidery designschurch vestment trims and notions and so much more. You may also find us on  Ecclesiastical Sewing  on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest. Sing up for our mailing list  at the bottom of the page on our online store front and receive a free copy of our Small Linens Booklet as our way of saying thank you for following along.

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