Holidays and Getting Back to Work

Holidays are a special time. There are many special services to enjoy, and beautiful vestments designed and created for the Christmas Season.  There are always lots of comings and goings of family and friends for visits and  special dinners.  Sometimes things need to be put out of sight quickly. Add to the mix children home from college. The end result is the sewing room has suffered a bit in the wake of the festivities.

Christmas in the Sewing Room
Christmas in the Sewing Room

Prior to the Holidays, things usually were put away and kept neat and tidy in the sewing room. But somehow things changed over the past two weeks. In the bustle of the moment, things need to go somewhere to a room not in regular use in a rather small house. Guess where that somewhere is.  That’s right.  The sewing room. That magical, catch-all location that is the farthest away space from Holiday Activities of cooking and visiting.

Extra Christmas trimmings and storage containers abound at the moment in the sewing room in places where they do not belong……order must be restored. So the dilemma at hand: whether to put Christmas away prior to Epiphany and recover the sewing room or to hold out for one more week and work around the clutter……and I still don’t know who decided to turn the surplice on the dress-form in to a Christmas Vestment!

Solo Dei Gloria

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