How to Determine the Correct Clergy Stole length


Clergy Stole Length: How To Measure Precise Stole Length

Pastors and priests come in all sizes from petite to very tall, with many variations in between. Yet all too often priest chasubles and clergy vestments come in a one size fits all. At Ecclesiastical Sewing, most of the chasubles and stoles are photographed in our standard size range. And we readily admit that the standard sizes fit a wide range of clergy. But there are occasions when a special size vestment is needed.

Our standard 4 1/2-inch wide stole style is 53-inches long before adding any tassels or trims. The 53-inches is measured from the Center Back neckline to the bottom edge of the stole. This stole length is generally a perfect fit for people who are approximately 5’6″ to 5’11” tall. The 51-inch stole is designed for people who are 5’5″ tall or shorter. The 55-inch stole works well for people who are 6′ tall and over.

When it comes to chasuble sizes, the standard length varies based on the chasuble style. Most chasubles range from 50-inches to 54-inches in length.

These are the normal sizes that our vestments are cut and sew in. If you are unsure which stole length will fit best, here is a little tip for checking on the stole length.

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The person who will be wearing the stole should be measured following the above instructions. The tape measure is placed at the back of the person’s neck. There is a little bump at the base of the neck. Place and hold one end of the tape measure at that little bump. The tape measure should go around the neck, and down the front of the body to the point where the end of the stole should be. This is the measurement that will be the finished length of the stole.

The stole measurement is based on the length of 1/2 of the stole. Obviously  a stole has two sides, so that same length will be the measurement of both the right and left sides of the stole.

There are many different stole styles, and the finished length of the stole will also vary based on the selected stole style. For example, a tapered stole may be worn at a shorter length that is just at or slightly above the knee when worn with a surplice over a cassock. Many styles of Roman chasubles or Fiddleback chasubles are worn with shorter stoles.

How to Determine Correct Chasuble LengthChasubles also come in a wide range fo styles and sizes. Our most popular styles include the classic Gothic Chasuble, the new Gothic chasuble and the Monastic chasuble. For those who need a shorter or longer chasuble, custom sizes are available.

Many of our Pastor stole patterns and chasble patterns in the Ecclesiastical Sewing line are multiples sizes which will allow for customizing fit.

Clergy Stole Length | How to Determine Correct LengthIf you need assistance with a special size stole or chasuble, please contact us through the link on our website. We are always happy to try and assist with special size needs.

Download a copy of the Ecclesiastical Sewing’s Stole Lengths Measurement chart to help determine the correct pastor or priest stole size.

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