Virgin and Child Chasuble and Low Mass Church Vestment Set

$ 1,900.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

The Madonna and Child Chasuble features a hand painted and embroidered emblem that is couched on the back "Y" orphrey bands. The IHS Christmas Rose Embroidery design is couched on the Chasuble front. 

The matching stole, maniple, burse and veil have the a single Christmas Rose centered over a Patonce Cross on orphey bands.

Low mass Church Vestment set includes:

  • Chasuble with Virgin and Child Applique 
  • Stole with bottom orphrey band accents
  • Maniple with orphrey bands to match the stole
  • Chalice Veil with enbroidery and center orphrey band
  • Burse with orphrey and Patonce Cross
  • Lined with White satin lining

Colors: White with Red; White with Blue


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