St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade for Church Vestments

A few weeks ago at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we took a closer look at the St. Hubert Brocade. It is a lovely fabric which is woven with gold metallic threads. Today, I would like to share another gold liturgical fabric with you which is also woven with gold threads. But these gold threads are not metallic. They do, however, provide light and under certain circumstances, almost a fire to the brocade.

The religious brocade that we are considering today is the regal St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade fabric. This is a fabric created for use in church vestments. The design is masterfully created around the motifs of a large Tudor Rose and a Crown. Both are interspersed with vines and other floral motifs which create the impression of a large and grand pattern.

St. Margaret Brocade comes in the traditional weave combination that provides a solid color or tone on tone look as the warp and weft yarns often vary slightly in shade to create the illusion of shadow and depth to the weave. This light and shadow help ensure that the pattern is visible from a distance.

This combination of red and gold yarns might seem a bit odd when it is first encountered. It is something that might have to grow on one. But when one grows in their appreciation of the beauty of this weave, they realize it truly is a fabric that provides a unique sense of wonder and amazement. St. Margaret in this version is woven with a combination of red and gold yarns. As the yarns cross over each other, they create an iridescent look that reflects and catches the light. And of course, a flat photo shows nothing of this. So, let’s have a moment of fun and see what St. Margaret in the two-tone weave really looks like.



Enjoy the colors of a rich soft Ivory/gold for seasons of Christmas, Easter and white festivals; fiery Red/gold is perfect for Pentecost and martyr festivals; Blue/gold for Mary festivals and Advent; Violet/Gold for Lent and Passion-tide; Black/gold for requiem masses; Green/gold for ordinary times or the season of Trinity and Epiphany. St. Margaret – a truly unique and beautiful liturgical brocade for creating beautiful church vestments!

So, which color combination is your favorite? Have your say!

Soli Deo Gloria



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