Ecclesiastical Design Ideas on Pinterest

A very recent discovery for Ecclesiastical Sewing and Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design ideas is, of course, Pinterest. My daughter got me started on this, and it has been a great deal of fun!  The best part is, when I come across a design I like that might provide inspiration for a future project, I only need to go to the one of the various boards on my account and pin the photo. Now, I have all of the ideas, ready and waiting for the creative juices to begin.  My computer is happy because I am not downloading and saving all of those photos and images.  Each day, I discover a few new boards to follow that reflect my personal interests.

One of the Ecclesiastical Embroidery Design ideas discoveries I found on Pinterest is the Mandala.  While they are not specifically intended as Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs, there are wonderful features in many  designs that might spur ideas for future embroidery projects.   Take a look at my Pinterest site here and click on the red Pinterest word at the bottom to jump to the sight.


I love the way  the borders on the designs are often done. When looking at them, I think about what kinds of Embroidery Floss and Goldwork Threads might work with various stitches.

With all of these designs at my finger tips, it is time to get out the drawing paper and supplies and get to work creating a new Ecclesiastical Embroidery Designs for that next project.

Soli Deo Gloria

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