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Ecclesiastical Sewing—Beautifying Churches around the Globe

A unique inspirational energy is set free when creating something for your faith community. Whether you are making clergy vestments or materials for the altar, at Ecclesiastical Sewing, we understand the stirrings to craft something extra-special for your church. It must be assembled with love, heart, and soul.

We know that specific elements are required for liturgical sewing, depending on each church setting. While such textiles and trims are not readily available in stores or online, the unique materials used for liturgical sewing and religious embroidery designs can be found at Ecclesiastical Sewing. And we ship worldwide!

From Alb to Aragon, Brocade to Brocatelle

We specialize in liturgical vestments, religious fabrics, church linens, trims, kits—even books or online classes. We can help you fulfill your needs for vestments, altar dressings, or church headwear. Whether it is fine white linen for an alb, or braid and gold thread for embroidery designs, they are all available for you to purchase on our website.

We provide everything you need:

  • Fine fabrics and linens by the yard
  • Prepared altar linens (basted and ready for hand-hemming)
  • Machine-embroidered linens
  • Patterns for hand embroidery designs
  • Books on the fine art of sewing church linens
  • Stole kits
  • Vestments: patterns for cassock, alb, amice, chasuble, surplice, headwear, and more.
  • Ready-made and Custom made vestments, church linens, and altar hangings are also available for purchase.

Allow Ecclesiastical Sewing to help you create the fine workmanship required in vestments and supplies for church worship settings. Once you browse our vast collection, you won’t need to look anywhere else—except up!

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