Opus Anglicanum: Medieval Embroidery

I was recently in Williamsburg taking a little break from the Ecclesiastical Sewing Studios. I was enjoying taking some hand embroidery classes. The instructor and I were visiting about many things, including one of my favorite topics –  historical embroidery and the restoration work that is done at Hampton Court Palace. One of the topics on historical embroidery that we discussed was Opus Anglicanum embroidery.

A few years ago, the Victoria and Albert Museum had a major exhibit on Opus Anglicanum and sadly, I missed the event. I had to settle for a lovely book on the topic that is a true gem. And I hope to share a few highlights from the book in a future post.

For those interested in learning more about historical church embroidery  know as Opus Anglicanum, you might find these videos very enjoyable.

Soli Deo Gloria




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