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So What are Vimpae?

A dear friend sent a link with some wonderful photos of Ecclesiastical Vestments. The event being celebrated was A High Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Albany.  It seems that on March 14, 2015, a very special mass was celebrated at the Albany Cathedral that had not occurred since 1962.  To learn more about that, be sure to click on the link above.

If you look part way down the page, there is a slide show featuring many of the high points of the Mass.  There is a sense of splendor, and majesty with the day as one views the photos.

The liturgical vestments feature a wide range in styles and finishing details, from simple to elaborate with goldwork embroidery, and lace trims.

The beauty of the cathedral adds much the celebration, with the beautiful stained glass windows, arches, and statues.

The New Liturgical Movement also some background on the Pontifical Mass.

While looking through the photos of the Pontifical Mass in Albany, one photo made me stop.  I noticed something wrapped around the shoulders of the two young men on the right in the above photo.  It looks unusual – and at first glance appeared to be a humeral veil. But you know that feeling that says, “That can’t be quite right? – Can it?”  Something was amiss.  But the slide show continued. I waited for the photos to cycle through a second time. This time the caption was visible at the bottom of the photo.  It read:


The Coat of Arms of  Scharfenberger is embroidered on his vimpae. A gift to the Bishop from the Extraordinary Form Community of Albany.

So, these new vestments are Vimpae.  What is a vimpa?  Off for a quick search, and the results state vimpae are a:

Description of Vimpae: white or silver worn by those carrying the mitre and crosier
Description of Vimpae: white or silver veil worn by those carrying the mitre and crosier

And that was something new and exciting to learn about for today.  Now I will know not to confuse vimpae for humeral veils.

Solo Dei Gloria

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