The Christmas Rose

The Christmas Season is upon us in full swing. There are still several more services with the Christmas decorations and paraments up on the chancel and the clergy wearing their Christmas vestments.


In Church symbolism, there are many objects that are used to help teach the message of Christmas. The Christmas Rose or Messianic Rose is a particularly gentle yet elegant symbol.


Helleborus Niger is a perennial plant that can actually grow in warmer parts of the USA. It is found naturally in Europe, where it blooms in cooler climates from February, but in warmer areas it blooms as early as Christmas.


This delicate white flower blooms from luscious evergreen foliage. How I would love to walk outside and see such a delight blooming this time of year! Alas, in Northern Minnesota the only greenery we have are the pines and some snow covered shrubs.

For those of you in much warmer climates, or if you are skilled enough to grow things in your house, you can purchase a Christmas Rose and add its blooms to your Christmas celebrations! Here is one site I found that sells them. I am sharing this link for no particular reason other than it is very informative website and there were various varieties to choose from it seems.

And, of course, if you want to decorate some paraments or vestments, we do have several Christmas Rose Digital Embroidery designs to download. It stitches beautifully. We have been using gold tones for the leaves, but deep, authentic greens would work for the stitching. This is my particular favorite…Christmas_Rose_Cross_3_5_inch_largesomething about the symmetry speaks to me.  However, as you can see from the pictures I included, we have several variations of this design.

We even have made a Christmas Rose stole, but unfortunately we did not add it to the stole portion of our website in time for this Christmas Season.


It will be added very shortly in the New Year and you will have plenty of time to order it for Christmas 2018! There are actually two collections with the Christmas Rose – so stay tuned! They are both beautiful!


The story of the Christmas Rose traditionally says that this beauty sprung from the fallen tears of a young girl. This girl was too poor to have anything to offer the Christ Child, yet she saw the Magi with their gifts and desperately wanted to offer some token to Baby Jesus. The love in her heart caused her to cry and the most beautiful gift grew from the tear soaked ground to give the New Born King. I personally like to think that she and the drummer boy may have grown up to fall in love and end up together. But that is sheer fancifulness on my part! Anyhow…it is a beautiful flower, a rich symbol for the church, and a touching story.

Merry Christmas to you all and may God bless and keep you!

~Nihil Sine Deo~


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