Top 5 Tips for Sewing Perfect Chasuble Orphrey Bands

How often do you look through Church Vestment Catalogs or at Vestments online and think, “If only I could make a chasuble like that! It can’t be that difficult, but… Read more Top 5 Tips for Sewing Perfect Chasuble Orphrey Bands

Pastoral Stole Patterns

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the middle of July, and if it is anything Minnesota, it is HOT!  The last thing on everyone’s mind on a hot… Read more Pastoral Stole Patterns

Liturgical Embroidery Design

Summer has finally arrived in Northern Minnesota, and the last week was a little wild in many ways. The past week saw a severe storm in our area that caused… Read more Liturgical Embroidery Design

Helpful Church Vestment Books

As time goes on, my library of Church Vestment books has grown, or rather multiplied.  When I get asked a question, I often know I have read something about a topic, but it can be a challenge to find the exact book or resource for the information on basic vestment making details or definition and descriptions of liturgical vestments. As the years go on, there are a few books that have become special, and are often the authority on Ecclesiastical Vestments.  The resource which I select depends to a great… Read more Helpful Church Vestment Books

Priest or Pastoral Stole: Tassel Ends

Stoles are the topic of conversation at the moment on Ecclesiastical Sewing. Stoles are often one of the first projects that someone new to vestment making undertakes. Clergy stoles, from… Read more Priest or Pastoral Stole: Tassel Ends

Priest or Pastor Stoles: The Tricky Parts

For those of us who love Ecclesiastical Sewing and Vestment Making, there is always that one part of any project that is the “tricky” part.  With altar frontals, it is… Read more Priest or Pastor Stoles: The Tricky Parts

Beautiful Sacred Vestment Videos

It is only Tuesday, but with no downtime over the weekend, I do not have much energy tonight to tackle Ecclesiastical Embroidery projects. I know I will pay dearly for not being productive this evening, but sometimes that is the way things go. In the meantime, a few moments were spent relaxing and refreshing with a few very nice videos on Sacred Vestments found on You Tube: While watching the first Sacred Vestment video, at 0:26 seconds, pay close attention to the Red fabric used for the chasuble and stole. The… Read more Beautiful Sacred Vestment Videos

Chalice Veil Orphrey Trim Part 2

The constructing Chalice veils has been a topic we’ve been looking at for the past few weeks on Ecclesiastical sewing. In the past, Chalice veils were made in the same… Read more Chalice Veil Orphrey Trim Part 2

Holiday Break

With the Advent, Christmas and New Year Holidays upon us, there has not been much time to get in the workroom, let alone time to work on any projects. With… Read more Holiday Break

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