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St Alban Black stole Pastor Priest | Black Priest Stole Silk Ecclesiastical Sewing
Ely Crown Priest/Pastor Stole (QS)

Ely Crown Priest/Pastor Stole (QS)

From $ 239.00 to $ 269.00
Trinity | Luther Rose  Stole (QS)

Trinity | Luther Rose Stole (QS)

From $ 269.00 to $ 299.00
Stole Green Trinity Season Lutheran Stole | Green Pastor Priest Stole Reformation Ecclesaistical Sewing
Green Trinity Prayer Stole Priest Stole | Pastor Priest Green Stole Trinity Symbols Ecclesiastial Sewing
Dayspring Chi Rho Priest White Stole | Pastor Priest White stoles Lutheran Stoles Easter Christmas Ecclesiastical Sewing
Evangelist Clergy Stole Church Vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing
Marian Stole PPriest Stole | Priest Stole Marian Vestments Ecclesiastical Sewing
Regal Collection of Pastor and Priest Stoles (QS)