Japanese Gold Thread Imitation for Goldwork Embroidery

$ 14.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gold Threads - Japanese Imitation

Imitation Japanese Gold Threads are used in goldwork embroidery. Japanese Gold Threads are available in 4 different sizes:

- No. 13 is the largest gold thread
- No. 8 is the smallest gold thread

  • No. 13 (K1): Approximately 1 mm width across thread
  • No. 12 (K2): Approximately 0.85 mm width across thread
  • No. 9 (K3): Approximately 0.70 mm width across thread
  • No. 8 (K4): Approximately 0.5 mm width across thread

    Gold threads of the Japanese style (imitation gold) have the most brilliant and brightest gold color with a glossy and shiny surface.

    Gold thread features:

    - These gold threads are made with a foil wrapped around a thread core
    - Extremely sturdy and less likely to untwist when compared to other gold threads. These gold threads are also used for couching embroidery designs and emblems.

    All sizes of Imitation Japanese Gold Thread are sold in a 10-yard package. Threads are made in Great Britain.

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