Dayspring Chi Rho AO Pastor or Priest Stole | Clergy Stoles & Vestments
Saint Alban Black Priest Stole | Clergy Stoles for Priest, Pastors, Deacons
Dayspring Chalice Veil and Burse with Gold Cross
Ely Crown Clergy Stole | Pastoral or Priest Stoles | Ecclesiastical Sewing
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White Chalice Veil, Burse and Pall Altar Set
Luther Rose Stole Style #6 Clergy and Deacon Stole
Canterbury Cross Clergy Stole | Pastor & Priest Stoles Collection
Stole in the Saint Augustine Ecclesiastical Collection
The 12 Apostle's Clergy Stole for Pastors or Priests | Shop Clergy Stoles
Rex Gentium Advent Stole for Clergy (Blue or Violet) | Clergy Stoles