St. Margaret Brocade Liturgical Fabric

$ 92.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing


Brocade Liturgical Fabric in the Traditional, Classic Style


This church fabric enables the viewer to step back in time. St. Margaret is a design featuring the Rose and Crown which became popular during the Tudor Period. The Rose, which was an early Christian symbol, became popular during the 15th century as a result of the adaptation by the adherents of the Houses of York and Lancaster. St. Margaret Liturgical Brocade is a medium scale design with a 19 1/4" (49 cm) pattern repeat.

St. Margaret Brocade Features:

This design is bold and stunning. Larger projects such as altar frontals, priest chasubles, dalmatics, tunics, and copes will show off the pattern to perfections. The crown and rose motifs, while large, may also be suitable for smaller projects such as stoles. Consider this pattern for larger orphreys as well. Careful planning and layout are a must with this pattern. St. Margaret is available in both solid colors (tone on tone) and in two-toned colors. There is also a metallic option with the Ivory on Lurex color combination. Use the colors individually or combine them to create stunning designs for your faith community.*

Liturgical Fabric Colors:

White, Red, Greed, Blue, Violet, Black, Ivory/Lurex, Ivory/Gold, Red/Gold, Green/Gold, Blue/Gold, Black/Gold

Width: 57" (`45 cm)
Fiber content: 60% Cotton, 40% Viscose 

*St. Margaret is also suitable as a fabric for use in creating period costumes, wedding gowns, historical garments, Home Decor, Collegiate or University Gowns, and theatrical costumes due to the accuracy and quality of the fabric design motif.

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