St. Nicolas Damask Liturgical Fabric

$ 190.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing


Traditional Liturgical Fabric - St. Nicolas Damask

St. Nicholas Damask Fabric for Vestments
Historical Background

St. Nicolas Church Vestment Damask Fabric is a unique combination of Ottoman and Gothic styles designed by William Randoll Blacking for St. Nicolas Church, Guildford, UK. Blacking drew his inspiration for the fan figure from a 16th century Turkish design in the Kelekian Collection.

Liturgical Fabric Description

St. Nicolas is a large scale design with a 27" pattern repeat. Light plays perfectly on this boldly designed liturgical fabric, with its rich satiny background and matte finish for the elaborate patterns. A traditional liturgical fabric, St Nicolas works well for altar hangings, copes, and chasubles. This liturgical fabric also creates the perfect base for working hand embroidered designs with gold and silk threads. The silk fibers allow for superior drape and a lovely soft hand  along with a richness and depth of color. St. Nicolas is the only silk that comes in a deep Rose color for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays.

Colors: Ivory, Red, Rose, Green, Violet, Black, Blue, Gold (contact for custom colors or specs)
Width: 56" (143 cm) 
Fiber content: 58% Viscose, 42% Silk 

St. Nicolasis is also suitable as a fabric for use in creating period costumes, wedding gowns, historical garments, Home Decor, Collegiate or University Gowns, and theatrical costumes due to the accuracy and quality of the fabric design motif. The silk fibers make this a truly special fabric.

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