Cross Style 20 with Rays Digital Machine Embroidery Design

$ 5.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

This simple white cross machine embroidery design looks perfect for use on Altar linensand and church vestments. The cross may be stitched in white, pale grey, pale blue or taupe for use on altar linens.

The cross may also be used on other items stitched in colors such as red, or metallic gold.  


  • The 4" x 4" hoop has a small sewn out size of 1.51" H x 1.51" W with 2,318 stitches
  • The 4" x 4" hoop has a medium sewn out size of 3.0" H x 3.01" W with 4,604 stitches
  • The 6.25" x 10.25"  hoop has a sewn out size of 5.0" H x 5.01" W with 7,485 stitches
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