Evesham Liturgucal Brocade Fabric

$ 50.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

+ Yards

Evesham Brocade combines the liturgical colors of ivory, red, green, violet, blue, and gold with gold metallic fibers to create a rich and lustrous church vestment fabric. The beauty of Evesham comes from the use of the 15th and 16th century design in the Florentine Style. It features design motifs of the pine cone and ogee. Woven in a smaller scale, Evesham is perfect to use as the base fabric for church vestments and altar hangings, as well as for accents on other ecclesiastical fabrics or for use as orphrey trim. It is also one of the few liturgical fabrics available in a Gold on Gold color combination.  While Evesham has a predominant right side, the liturgical fabric is also suitable for use in the "reverse" side, which makes for interesting design options. An example would be using the "right" side for the main body, and using the "wrong" side for orphrey trim or accents. Set your creativity loose and see what can be done with this unique liturgical fabric. Available colors are: Ivory/Gold, Red/Gold; Green/Gold; Violet/Gold; Blue/Gold; Gold/Gold.

The pattern repeat is small at 10 ½" (27 cm)
Width 51 ½" (131 (cm)
Fiber content: 63% Polyester, 27% Viscose, 10% Metallic

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