Evesham Damask Liturgical Fabric

$ 150.00

per yard

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing


Once the standard for church vestment making, today it is rare to find 100% silk Damask Liturgical Fabrics. Evesham Silk Damask, in black, takes the viewer back in time, taking its inspiration from the past with this 15th and 16th century ecclesiastical design in the Florentine Style. This liturgical fabric features design motifs of the pine cone and ogee. Woven in 100% silk, Evesham Damask is available in a Large Design size (5 patterns across the width) and a Small Design size (10 patterns across the width).

Pattern repeat Large Design 19" (I48 cm)
Pattern repeat Small Design 9" (23 cm)
Width:  56 ½" (144 cm)
Fiber content: 100% Silk

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