Gilt Faconnee #6 Gold Embroidery Thread - Goldwork Threads

$ 8.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Gold Embroidery Thread at its Finest - Gilt Faconnee #6

Gilt Faconnee is a crimped purl metal, gold embroidery thread used in Goldwork embroidery projects. This particular gold embroidery thread is a delicate serpentine gilt thread that mixes beautifully with Pearl Purl, Rough Purl, Bullion, and Smooth Pearl for use in padded projects.

  • Sold in 1 yard lengths

Faconnee is similar to other Goldwork threads. It is long and springy and has a hollow core. It may be cut to lengths and used like a bead, where it can be applied to padded surfaces.

Gilt threads have ½ % of gold in the plating covering copper.

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