Gilt Pearl Purl - Gold Hand Embroidery Threads & Goldwork

$ 6.60

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Pearl Purl - For Use in Goldwork and Hand Embroidery

Gilt Pearl Purl can be used in Goldwork and hand embroidery sewing projects.

Ecclesiastical Sewing's particular Pearl Purl comes in a variety of sizes including:

  • Gilt Very Fine is the smallest size - approx. 0.6 mm in width
  • Gilt #1 Pearl Purl  - approx. 0.9 mm in width
  • Gilt #2 Pearl Purl - approx. 1.1 mm in width
  • Gilt #3 Pearl Purl  - approx. 1.25 mm in width
  • Gilt #4 Pearl Purl -

Pearl Purl is sold by the yard in one yard lengths.

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