Imitation Japanese Gold Thread for Goldwork Embroidery

$ 14.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Japanese Gold Threads - Imitation

Imitation Japanese Gold Threads are used in goldwork embroidery. Japanese Gold Threads are available in 4 different sizes. No. 13 is the largest thread and No. 8 is the smallest thread. Japan Gold Threads have the most brilliant and brightest gold color with a glossy and shiny surface. They are made with a foil wrapped around a thread core. These threads are sturdy and less likely to untwist when compared to other gold threads. These threads are also used for couching embroidery designs and emblems.

  • No. 13 (K1): Approximately 1 mm width across thread
  • No. 12 (K2): Approximately 0.85 mm width across thread
  • No. 9 (K3): Approximately 0.70 mm width across thread
  • No. 8 (K4): Approximately 0.5 mm width across thread

All sizes of Imitation Japanese Gold Thread are sold in a 10-yard package. Threads are made in Great Britain.

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