Amice Pattern

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Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

Priest Amice Pattern for Download

A pattern for making a priest Amice consists of a white cloth connected to two long ribbons or tapes which it is fastened around the shoulders of the priest. Before the liturgical reforms of the 1970's, the use of an amice was mandatory for all Roman Catholic Masses. Many priests choose to wear the amice for reasons of tradition or to prevent damage to their other vestments due to perspiration.

The Amice pattern contains the main pattern as well as the apparel pattern.

  • Yardage requirements: 3/4 yard linen
  • 12 yards of 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch twill tape
  • Optional buttons or snaps required for use with a detachable amice collar
  • 24" by 36" Finished size.

The Amice pattern is designed for making an amice with or without an apparel collar. The amice is 24"' x 36". It uses 12 feet of 1/2inch or 5/8 inch twill tape. The apparel collar may be applied using buttons and buttonholes or snaps.

All religious embroidery designs and patterns assume knowledge on the part of the seamstress. General instructions are included. More specific and detailed instructions will be available at a future date.

Pattern Terms of use

- Patterns may be used to create your own garments for personal use or to give or sell to others.
- You may use patterns to create your own designs for publication provided proper credit is given to Ecclesiastical
- Patterns may not be copied or sold on third party sites.
- Patterns may not be resold or distribute in any format.
- Patterns may not be uploaded to any file sharing websites for any purpose.
- Patterns may not be copied for any reason.
- Patterns may not be altered or modified and claimed as your own designs.
- Patterns may not be used to create other files or designs.
- Patterns may not be used to create products for mass production or large commercial use.
All designs are copyrighted and are retained by Ecclesiastical Sewing, LLC with all rights reserved. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. This license is nontransferable.

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