Tapered Pastoral or Priest Stole Pattern

$ 25.00

Brand Ecclesiastical Sewing

The Tapered Pastoral or Priest Stole Pattern is designed to accommodate a variety of heights. It has cutting lines for a 43" and 52" finished length. The narrower width at the back neckline fits while the stole then tapers to a wider width at the lower end. The length can easily be changed to allow for a hem that is plain with no trim, or a hem trimmed with fringe, or tassels.*

The Tapered Stole Pattern also has a lengthen and shorten line to allow for further customization. The stole pattern has notches on all of the pieces to add with matching long straight seamlines. There is a marking on the stole lining for the placement of a cord or chain which helps lift the stole back a slight amount from the wearer's neck. Other features of the tapered pastoral or priest stole pattern include a separate lining and interfacing piece cut to specific sizes, based on formal tailoring techniques and pattern making for custom high end tailored garments. This feature gives the finished stole a distinct finish, which looks professional and well made, imitating a finely tailored garment.

The instructions and construction style make this stole a nice project for beginner and professional alike.

Suggested fabrics: Silk dupioni, brocades, silk damasks, metallic brocades, tapestry fabrics, wool gaberdines. Not suitable or designs for stretch fabrics or fabrics containing Lycra.

Interfacing fabrics: 100% cotton canvas
Lining fabrics: cotton, broadcloth, satin, cotton sateen

Ecclesiastical Sewing also offers a selection of pre-cut stole fabric kits which include a face fabric, cotton canvas interfacing and satin lining fabric suitable for making one pastoral stole.

Stole Face Fabric yardage: 1 3/4 yards of 45", 54" or 60" fabric. Additional fabric may be needed to match pattern repeats. 

Interfacing yardage: 1 3/4 yards 60" cotton canvas
Lining fabric yardage: 1 3/4 yard 45" or 60" fabric

Finished stole size: 4 1/2"  to 5 1/2"wide by 43 or 52 inches in length
Pattern: Paper with black line image                                                                                                           
Also included: written instructions with colored photos

* Pastoral/priest stole pattern contains a paper pattern and written institutions only. Fabrics, interfacing, lining, embellishments (trims), fringe, tassels, and chain or cord sold separately.

Pattern Terms of use

- Patterns may be used to create your own garments for personal use or to give or sell to others.
- You may use patterns to create your own designs for publication provided proper credit is given to Ecclesiastical Sewing.com.
- Patterns may not be copied or sold on third party sites.
- Patterns may not be resold or distribute in any format.
- Patterns may not be uploaded to any file sharing websites for any purpose.
- Patterns may not be copied for any reason.
- Patterns may not be altered or modified and claimed as your own designs.
- Patterns may not be used to create other files or designs.
- Patterns may not be used to create products for mass production or large commercial use.
All designs are copyrighted and are retained by Ecclesiastical Sewing, LLC with all rights reserved. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. This license is nontransferable.

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